Strapless Sex Toy Customer Reviews We’re overwhelmed with your wonderful comments! We truly appreciate all of your letters and wish we could post them all.

Recent Product Reviews

“My partner was so excited, I had claw marks on my back for days!  Too bad I couldn’t show them off to everyone.  I’d like to take the credit, but we’ve been together over 20 years, and using THIS TOY is the only thing that changed.”  AMR – Florida

“Now I know what premature ejaculation must feel like for a man. I can hardly hold off until my partner is ready.” Becky A. – San Francisco, CA

“Thank you so much for creating something that has become so much a part of my life. I feel as if I can truly be myself whether I’m with a woman or with a man now, and not have to worry about if what they want and what I want are the same thing. With Feeldoe, EVERYONE is satisfied!
Marie -OKC, OK

“Thank you so much for the wonderful service, fast shipping, and INCREDIBLE product! We are telling all of our friends! After having been in a “straight” relationship before coming out and finding the love of my life, strap-on (or one-way) sex was really frustrating for me at times. The Feeldoe has pretty much cured that, and I can’t imagine using anything else now. You are a blessing to lesbians everywhere!!!”
VERY Satisfied Customers, The Brandys -Texas

“We had a poor imitation, which would always fall out if I had an orgasm so it made simultaneous orgasms impossible. :-( THIS stayed snuggly in place the whole time…BEST TOY EVER.” 
Rachel – Vermont

This letter’s from an industry professional: “I personally think the “Feeldoe” revolutionizes the dildo industry the reality of not having to harness allows the complete freedom of movement and comfort to ensure a more pleasureable experience for both partners. The elimination of harnessing also allows relief from straps and gives the “butch” or presentor more comfort and reality. I also found the clitoral stimulation to be far improved over conventional dildo use… making the experience much more fulfilling for both concerned. I have been using these devices for 35 years.. and I have to say, I think this is by far the most fulfilling and satisfying item I have purchased to date.”
-K.C. – Miami, FL

“My girlfriend and I received our Feeldoe yesterday. We tried it out last night. After two great orgasms we looked up and found that our bed had moved a foot away from the wall! Every lesbian couple should have one of these.”
– S.M. – Austin, TX

“The feeldoe is to dildos what email is to postal mail, or cell phones are to conventional wired phones. It is quick and liberating. I can not imagine ever using a dildo again.”
– Julia L. – London, UK

Recent Service Reviews

“Mia, You are a wonderful woman and such a fun spirit. Thank you so much for going above and beyond. It is a pleasure doing business with you.. . but I guess you know that… selling the feeldoe and all. hehehehe… I am grateful for the work you put into things you believe in, for being such a special woman to make the feeldoe in the first place and for your warm and friendly spirit towards me.. as I’m sure you have so many others…” -Ranell W.,WA

“oh my southern freakin’ god….. i LOVED your message, mia! it cracked me up….. and we are both up for pure experimentation and fun! i look forward to arrival….. thanks for the smiles!  -S.D., CA

“Forget my last e-mail — it was in the mail box this morning. Thanks—” W.N. – Dublin, Ireland

”Many thanks for your e-mail stating that you had already sent the feeldoe. I told my partner about it and she told me it had come while I was away.” 
P.R. – Branford, UK
“I just ordered a Feeldoe and had it sent to my good friend as her bridal shower gift which is this Friday :) I received my own Feeldoe (which is awesome, by the way) very quickly when I ordered it, but I can’t remember if it was that fast… I hope so! I ordered from your site directly, again, because I have good memories of the customer service :)”  -The Chadwicks, location withheld by request
“Mia and the G.R.I.T.S. ROCK!  You gals are simply the best – Thank you so much :)”


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