Vibrating Realdoe® Classic in Mia’s Tan



Vibrating Strapless Strap-on Dildo Directly from the Inventor and her company Erogenics, Inc.

Color: Mia’s tan

The Vibrating Realdoe® Classic is a patented dual partner strapless sex toy. Our dildo is designed create clitoral stimulus for the driving / dominant partner because we feel both partners should enjoy the senstion!


What is the Vibrating Realdoe® Classic Made of?

Our Realdoe® strapless sex toys are not made of cheap latex and do not contain any low quality additives or fillers.

The Realdoe® Classic is made of Class VI Pharmacopoeia Grade Silicone, which means it is medically safe for body insertion.

Caring for Your Realdoe® Strapless Sex Toy:

Keeping your new Vibrating Realdoe® Classic dildo clean is a breeze!

Your dildo can be washed in the same manner in which you wash yourself.

If you purchased a vibrating model, the vibe is water tight. However, we do recommend that you remove the vibe prior to placing your sex toy in the dishwasher or washing machine, for general cleaning or sterilizing it in boiling water.

To sterilize your Realdoe® sex toy and vibe, you can rinse it for about 5 minutes an 10% bleach solution to keep it in pristine condition.