About Us

When you place your strapless sex toy order, Ann and Eileen will hand address your parcel and tracking label. The two of them will take it to the post office. Why does it take 2 people to go to the post office? Well, they’ve been together for over 20 years and they’re just like that!

The majority of our strapless sex toy staff are disabled veteransWe have some other friends who file papers, swab the deck, and fetch supplies. We even have an “almost handy man”. Mia’s the only one around here who is not a disabled American vet, and she’s just… well, there’s a fine line between genius and insanity, and she teeters! The number below is her direct cell… now that’s Crazy!!! You won’t have to punch in extension numbers or deal with picking any “departments”. If she doesn’t grab it in time, you’ll get her voice mail. Please leave a message and she’ll call you back… or she’ll see to it that the right human being who can best help you does… and swiftly.

We've got anwers to your strapless sex toy questions

We do One Thing and we do it better than anyone else in the world. This is a “global project” of setting the world free from straps and gear delays. We’re on a MISSION and we believe in it. We LOVE our jobs and Feeldoe®, Realdoe® and Feelbuck® are fabulous products!!!

We have a snail mail order form, too. You can send a money order and we’ll ship your parcel just as quickly as if you ordered through the net. We make it as safe and easy as possible to get our products to you. An internet order will be charged to your credit card as Erogenics, Inc. It won’t say straplesssextoys.com or that you bought a sex toy.

We do many things differently!

  • Our A+ Better Business Bureau rated eCommerce folks email your receipt. Click to Check BBB rating
  • That ActiveX control script you may see at the tops of our site pages (depending upon which browser you use) isn’t anything spooky. It helps us figure out which pages are read the most.
  • Our site is not required to be Secured (httpS and the padlock you see on the address bar). A lot of companies in this day and age can’t even qualify for it. We do.
  • When your order comes in to us, we print it on real paper, and delete the electronic file. We don’t keep records on computer systems. Your parcel will be hand addressed, too.
  • We do not believe in using boxes or formed clam shell packaging. Why? Because we strive to keep our company as “green” as possible by avoiding the use of such packaging. Your strapless sex toy will arrive all by its self and sealed in a thick plastic bag from our processing facility. It will never touched by un-gloved hands!

Here are some things we Don’t do:

  • We don’t make you create a user account and log in so we get your email address. We don’t do mailing lists or spam.
  • We don’t put paperwork or solicitations in your parcel.
  • We’re not supported by advertising with annoying ads in the margins.
  • We’re not linked to a million other sites. We don’t exchange kickbacks with other sites, and we don’t do pop ups.
  • We don’t offer any sales gimmicks or secret coupon codes.
  • We don’t use any pictures of naked people. Seducing you is your partner’s job, not ours!
  • We don’t record phone calls for “training purposes”.

Her Story of

the Strapless Sex Toy

Mia invented these special toys because she got frustrated with having to stop in the middle of it all and wait… while the one she loved donned a harness, buckling this, snapping that, fumbling in the dark to get all strapped up… and then work even harder while feeling absolutely nothing!  By the time all of that getting ready was done, she was out of the mood and doing a cross word puzzle!

As an inventor, her background includes research and development of mechanical equipment, machinery design, and chemical material processing.  Since she helps the boys make their big industrial toys work better, why not make toys for girls work better, too?

Ding, ding, ding!

Mia knew that women made their own dildos out of pig skin on the Isle of Lesbos… so she started her project in the 80’s, fashioning different designs and tailoring contours.  It took over 10 years of research and development and a very patient lover who didn’t mind trying all the ones that failed!  Her goal was to eliminate the delay caused by a standard strap-on dildo, and provide pleasure for the driving partner, too.  (The bottom just gets what she always gets which is, well, you know…)

When form, fit, and function were finally perfected, she named the first creation Feeldoe®, because it truly does provide the REAL FEEL FOR BOTH DOE!

After securing several patents, she studied the various toy makers and the chemistry of the raw materials each process.  She chose Tantus, Inc. whose president is the woman leading the industry with pure quality silicone products, and a global network of distributors for your shopping pleasure and convenience!

What we DO is simple.

  • You place your order.
  • We ship your parcel.

Like we said above, we do One Thing and we do it better than anyone else in the world!


Feeldoe®, Realdoe®, and Feelbuck® are trademarks of Erogenics, Inc., and products are protected under the scope of U.S. Patent number 5,690,603, and others. Our products are novelty items only, and made in the U.S.A.

Erogenics, Inc. is a licensed Florida Corporation with offices located at 1643 Williamsburg Square, Lakeland, FL 33803 in the United States of America. Our sales are internet based via fully accredited web sites.